10 Surahs for Namaz in English Transliteration with Arabic

Lets see 10 Surahs for Namaz in English with Arabic” You are a Muslim and you pray regularly and in prayer you are looking for short namaz surahs of Quran for recitation of Quran.

So we will tell you simple and short surahs of Quran which you can memorize and can recite during prayers.

If it is difficult for you to recite Surahs directly in Arabic then don’t worry because we are also transliteration in English for your convenience, with which you will be able to memorize easily.

10 Surahs for Namaz in English list Explanation

We have selected ten surahs from the Quran which are short verses and are well known for their importance, and they can be easily memorized orally.

These short ten suras are present in the last part of the Quran. You can recite them in the Quran yourself. It consists of 3 to 7 verses.

In this article, we have listed these Surahs in the same order as they are in the Qur’an. Because it is important to keep the order of Surahs in prayer.

So when you recite one surah in the first rak’ah of the prayer, then in the second rak’ah you will recite the surah after this surah.

Surah Al-Qadr

The number of Surah Qadr in the Qur’an is 97 and this Surah has 5 verses. This is of great importance. There is also a statement in this Surah about the virtue of the Holy Quran.

This surah is also associated with the month of Ramadan. This surah also mentions a very important night.

Surah Al-Qadr In Arabic with Transliteration

Surah Al-Asr

Surah Asr is number 103 in the Qur’an and has 3 verses. In this Surah, the subject of patience and perseverance is found and it is also stated that if a person comes to Allah.

He will be successful, otherwise he will always be among the losers. Therefore, one should always be on the right path and be patient.

Surah Al-Asr In Arabic with Transliteration

Surah Al-Fil

Surah Fil is number 105 in the Qur’an and has 5 verses. This surah mentions the incident when Allah’s house was attacked by Ka’bah and Allah killed the disbelievers through birds.

Therefore, when one becomes accustomed to reciting it, it can also be of unseen help.

Surah Al-Fil In Arabic with Transliteration

Surah Quraysh

Surah Quraysh is numbered 106 in the Qur’an and it has 4 verses. The virtue of this surah is that it saves its reader from fear and misery. It also mentions the Quraysh tribe, hence its name Quraysh.

Surah Quraysh in Arabic with roman english

Surah Al-Kausar

Surah Kawthar is number 108 in the Qur’an and has 3 verses. By reciting this Surah, you will be able to overcome your enemies and be protected from their evil intentions.

Surah Al-Kausar In Arabic with Transliteration

Surah Al-Kafirun

The number of Surah Kafroon in the Qur’an is 109 and it has 6 verses. In this Surah, a clear distinction is made between Muslims and infidels.

The one who recites this surah cannot commit shirk. This surah sets out a measure of relationship with other religions.

Surah al-Kafirun in arabic with transliteration

Surah An-Nasr

Surah Nasr is located at number 110 in the Holy Quran and contains 3 verses. It refers to the conquest of Makkah.

Recitation of this surah can certainly guarantee success, as it is also mentioned in this surah that you should remember Allah and keep asking forgiveness for your sins.

Surah An-Nasr in arabic with english transliteration

Surah Al-Ikhlas

The number of Surah Ikhlas in the Qur’an is 112 and it has 4 verses. This Surah is very important. It has also been called Surah Tawheed. It describes the important attributes of Allah Almighty.

Many people recite this Surah frequently in prayers and become beloved of Allah. You can also recite it.

Surah al-Ikhlas in arabic with transliteration

Surah Al-Falaq

Surah Al-Falaq is number 113 of the Qur’an and contains 5 verses. Its frequent recitation saves you from the realm of magic and you are saved from all kinds of evil and Allah takes you under His protection.

Surah al-Falaq in arabic with transliteration

Surah Al-Nas

Surah Nas is located at the last number 114 in the Qur’an and is a collection of 6 verses. The hadiths of this surah are very important and it is also counted among the Mu’awzaatin.

Surah Al-Nas in arabic with roman english


We have tried very hard to explain the surahs for namaz with short verses for your convenience, which are easy to read and understand.

A Muslim should memorize at least these ten short surahs of the Quran orally. He should be able to worship Allah and keep reciting these Surahs. Surely this can bring a revolution in the life of a Muslim.

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