4 Best Dua for parents in Arabic with English

Are You looking for Dua for parents” So lets see because Parents are the only class in this world who make sacrifices for the upbringing of their children. Reciprocate this favor Children can never pay.

We should support them in their old age and serve them well so that they will be happy with us and give us more supplications so that Allah will be pleased with us.

Best Dua for parents

We would recommend you to always pray for your parents whenever you pray. If the parents are no longer in this world, prayer is the only thing that will give peace to their souls and they will surely be happy with their children. That their children pray for them to go to heaven.

And if the parents are dead, then dua definitely benefits them and dua for parents is also a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. And there are many duas in the Holy Quran.

1-Dua for forgiveness for parents

Dua for forgiveness for parents

Every love in the world wants something in return, but parental love is such an individual love that it is desired from its children without any return.

If a child tries to repay the love of his parents, it is not possible. Even if the parents are served all their lives, then the right to raise them cannot be fulfilled.

2-Dua for parent’s health and long life

Dua for parent’s health and long life

If we want parents to be served in true sense, always pray for them. Give them place of honor everywhere. Listen carefully to their words.

If the child does something good, then of course the credit should be given to the parents, their training has a very important role in the life of the child.

3-Dua for parent’s maghfirat

Dua for parent’s maghfirat

In the respect and service of parents, there is an infinite treasure of reward. Innumerable benefits and success of this world and the hereafter lie in the service of parents.

Whoever follows it sincerely, success and happiness will be his destiny. Therefore, our first priority should be to take full care of the rights of our parents and try our best to uphold them.

4-Dua to increase blessings for parents

Dua to increase blessings for parents

As a Muslim, after Tawheed, good behavior towards parents is the most important duty. If we consider the kindness of parents, we will know what difficulties they go through in our upbringing, unfortunate is the child who turns away from their rights and hurts them.

Remember to obey parents and we have to fulfill their every Shari’ah order in every situation. On the one who disobeys the command of his parents, it is inflicted by Allah Ta’ala that at the time of death, such a disobedient person will not be blessed with a word.

We must decide today and now that we will always serve our parents, obey them, provide them with every comfort, and then we will have eternal abode in heaven. And if we become the cause or means of increasing their sufferings or continue to violate their rights, then be sure that hell is waiting for such black cars.

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