4 Qul surah in English Transliteration with Explanation

4 Qul surah in English” Are you looking for content on this topic? Here is the answer to your every question ,4 Qul are known in the Qur’an as surahs which are exemplary in their virtue and importance, but at the same time they are also counted in short surahs in the whole Qur’an.

The benefits of reciting it are innumerable. If a Muslim makes it a habit to read it regularly, he will be protected from the evil effects of magic. He will be saved from evil eyes.

Satan’s attack on him will also fail. Let’s look at them in writing and understand more. Do you know which Surahs are included in 4 QULS? Let the following Surahs be counted in these Surahs.

  1. Surah al-Kafirun
  2. Surah al-Ikhlas
  3. Surah al-Falaq
  4. Surah al-Naas

And at the beginning of them all comes the word Qol. And the word Qul means. “Beloved you say”. We will also provide them in pictorial form so that you can download and save them and keep reading easily.

4 Qul surah in English Explanation

Surah al-Kafirun

There are 6 verses in Surah Kafroon and it is located at number 109 in the last part of the Holy Quran. This Surah has also been declared as a quarter of the Holy Quran.

Its virtue is that it protects its reader from Satan’s attacks and perseveres in religion. The Holy Prophet had instructed his companions. When you go to bed, recite it. You will avoid shirk.

Surah al-Kafirun Arabic with Transliteration

Surah al-Ikhlas

Surah Al-Ikhlas is the most important Surah in which there are 5 verses but their status has been declared as one third of the Qur’an.

The benefits of Surah Ikhlas are innumerable. As Allah’s love is received and sins are forgiven.

Surah al-Ikhlas arabic with Transliteration

Surah al-Falaq

Surah Falaq is also a 5 verse Surah and is located at number 113 of the last part of the Qur’an.

The most important benefit of this surah is that its reader is protected from the evil effects of magic and comes under the care of Allah.

Surah al-Falaq arabic with transliteration

Surah al-Naas

Surah Nas is the Surah on which the Qur’an ends. That is, it is the last Surah and its number is 114.

There are 6 verses in it. Its reader is protected from the attacks of giants and also from the evil of evil human beings.

Surah Al-Nas in arabic with roman english


Muslims recite these Surahs to be safe from fear and to be safe and secure. They are also recited in Urs, Fatiha and Isal Thawab. Therefore, the ceremony of Fatiha on the second or third day of death is also called Qul.

These suras are very easy to memorize. If they are memorized orally, there are many benefits to reciting them daily. An easy way to memorize orally is to recite these surahs on a daily basis so that they can be memorized orally by repeating them regularly.

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