99 Names of Allah pdf with Printable

Are you looking for 99 names of Allah pdf? Or do you want to remember these beautiful names of Allah? So you don’t need to go anywhere else, we will provide you with this name of Allah in a beautiful form.

Every Muslim should remember these names because the Holy Prophet gave the glad tidings of Paradise to the Muslim who remembers the 99 names of Allah.

Gabriel attended the service of the Holy Prophet and said: O Muhammad! Are you ill? The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Yes! Gabriel said (for the purpose of these words):

“In the name of Allah, I protect you from every hurtful thing and every soul and the evil of the envious eye. May Allah heal you. I bless you with the name of Allah”

99 Names of Allah pdf Picture

We have presented it in a beautiful image format, surely you will like it and you will definitely save it with yourself. And remember it on a daily basis and enjoy the blessings of Allah’s names.

99 Names of Allah pdf

99 Names of Muhammad(PBUH)

99 Names of Muhammad

Of course, these will be beneficial for you. You can read Allah’s blessed names and Holy Muhammad blessed names for expansion in sustenance. You can ask for increase in your knowledge.

You can ask for health for yourself. You can ask for success for yourself. You can ask for good children and a good wife each name of Allah has its own blessing like:

  • After every prayer, the hardness and negligence of the heart of the one who recites “Ya Rahman” hundred times will go away.
  • A person who recites “Ya Rahim” a hundred times after every prayer every day will be protected from worldly calamities, and God’s creation will be kind to him.
  • A person who repeats “as-salaam” a lot will be safe from all calamities, God willing. Read it one hundred and fifteen times and breathe it on the sick person, Allah will grant him health.
  • If a barren woman observes seven fasts and recites “Al-Bari Al-Mosawero” twenty-one times after breaking the fast with water, then God willing, she will be blessed with children.
  • The love of the world will end and the love of God will arise in the heart of the one who recites “Ya Qaharo”
  • Before the Fajr prayer, a person who recites “Al-Razaq” ten times in the four corners of his house, sickness and poverty will not come in that house.

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