Allahumma Afini fi Badani Dua for good Health

If you wish to lead a healthy life then read this dua Allahumma afini fi badani. We are also giving it with translation and meaning. Indeed, health is a great blessing for a human being, it can be estimated by those who have to fight diseases in their life to get health.

Therefore, if you are healthy, thank God that you have a great blessing. Appreciate this blessing and if ever you get little food, instead of complaining, thank Allah that you are enjoying a healthy life. If you follow the principles that Islam has given, you will surely stay healthy and if you ever get sick, don’t worry, but pray to Allah, what the Prophet of Allah used to do. Continue to pray in sickness and in health.

If you are facing any kind of disease then you should keep saying this dua this dua can be a solution for all your diseases. Try to recite this prayer daily.

If you want to know how the Prophet recited this dua, then listen to him and recite this dua 3 times in the morning and3times in the evening, then it will become a Sunnah.

Now we are reciting the dua so that you can remember it by sight and for your convenience the translation is also provided.

Allahumma Afini Fi Badani Full Dua in English

Allahumma Afini Fi Badani Full Dua in English

Allahumma ‘Afini Fi Badani Full Dua in Urdu

Allahumma ‘Afini Fi Badani Full Dua in Urdu

Hazrat Abu Bark’s son Abd al-Rahman asked his father, “Every day I see you repeating this dua 3 times and then when evening comes, you do the same thing again. Why do you do this?” Your father Abu Bakr replied. O my son, I do this only because I have seen the Prophet reciting this dua in the same way he used to recite it.

It is clear from this hadith how important this dua is and if any person who is suffering from any disease such as eye disease or ear disease recites this dua, he will surely benefit from its blessings.

You must recite Durood Sharif before and after reciting this dua, it will increase the effects of the dua.

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