Allahummaghfirli Waliwalidayya Full Dua in Arabic and English

Let us tell you about Allahummaghfirli Waliwalidayya full Dua, this supplication is narrated from a prophet of Allah who asked Allah in this supplication he asked Allah for forgiveness of his parents?

Let us also tell you now that he is Prophet Ibrahim, you are a very beloved prophet of Allah and many prophets have been born from your own generation, that is why Hazrat Ibrahim is also called the grandfather of prophets.

Dua for Parents in surah Ibrahim

This dua is also mentioned in Surah Ibrahim in the Holy Quran. This dua is generally recited at the end of the prayer. By reading this dua for parents, every Muslim can ask Allah for forgiveness for his parents.

Consider that from the time you were born until you were a teenager, your parents nurtured you in every way, fulfilled your every wish, provided for your good education.

it was their responsibility that they Now if they are old then it is our responsibility to help them in every way and if they are dead then it is also our responsibility to pray for them. So let us pray for the forgiveness of our parents.

Rabbighfirli Waliwalidayya Dua Meaning in English

Rabbighfirli Waliwalidayya Dua Meaning in English

Allahummaghfirli Waliwalidayya Full Dua Benefits

If you want to pay your parents the right of kindness, then surely support them fully in their old age, save them from every pain and give them happiness. But if your parents are not in this world, then Pray for them as much as possible, do good deeds in their name. So that they continue to get the reward of good deeds.

If you really love your parents then surely praying for their forgiveness is a very good way of expressing your love, and by reading this prayer you will also get good deeds and your parents’ sins will be forgiven.

They will have a peaceful life in heaven, if you pray for your parents today and do good deeds in their name, then surely it will have an effect on your own children as well, and you The offspring of will surely become a source of comfort for you after your death.


If you look at the Islamic teachings, there is a lot of encouragement to do good deeds on behalf of your parents after they die. Arranging a place of peace, or arranging to provide water where there is a need for water, there are many other works that are needed by the society.

As long as people continue to benefit from it, your parents will continue to get the reward. So let’s pray for forgiveness for the parents Allahummaghfirli waliwalidayya  and also do good works for the society according to our power.

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