Astaghfirullah Dua | Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Zambiyon

Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Zambiyon Wa Atubu Ilaih “This Astaghfirullah Dua is considered as one of the most beneficial duas. This is the dua that makes sustenance abundant and fills homes with happiness.

In this prayer, the word “Astagfirullah” is used, which is also commonly called “Istighfar“. Do you know what that means?

It means coming before Allah and confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness for those sins and then making a firm determination not to commit those sins again.

Astaghfirullah 100 times

If you just say Astaghfirullah 100 times a day, your life will change a lot, you will get out of trouble and all your stalled lawful tasks will be completed.

If you have made mistakes in your life, don’t despair, but come before Allah and confess your mistakes and ask for forgiveness, Allah is very kind, He will surely forgive, but Allah loves such a person very much. Who admits his mistake and asks for forgiveness.

If you make “Istigfar” a habit in your life, then know that you are following the Sunnah of the Prophet. The Prophet of Allah used to ask for forgiveness 70 times a day, although he never made a mistake. Similarly, asking for forgiveness 100 times is also mentioned in the books If you also want to seek forgiveness, then see below, a prayer has been written for you.

Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Full Dua Meaning in English

Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Full Dua Meaning in English

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Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Full Dua Meaning in Urdu

Astaghfirullah Rabbi Min Kulli Full Dua Meaning in Urdu

Astaghfirullah Dua Benefits

Below are some of the benefits for you:

  • By asking for forgiveness, you become worthy of Allah’s mercy.
  • If your goal is to get wealth and children, then this dua is for you.
  • If you make this supplication before Allah, it will surely be accepted
  • With the blessing of Istigfar, sustenance will be abundant
  • If you seek forgiveness from Allah, then this cannot happen, Allah will send you to punishment
  • Because of this Allah’s blessings are received
  • Good places will be fixed for you in Paradise


Reciting this dua is not a difficult task. You can repeat it 100 times immediately after the prayer or if you are free from work and going home, then read it while traveling. In return, you will get success. May Allah bless us with success too, Ameen

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