Best Dua for children protection

Lets see Dua for children protection in english with Arabic” The biggest wish of parents after marriage is to have children، Children are gifts from Allah, these precious gifts are well taken care of and utmost safety is adopted in their upbringing.

It becomes the duty of parents to teach their children their morals and make them good citizens of the society.

Every parent wants their children to live a safe life, so let’s learn the best Dua for this purpose so that Allah protects our children.

Dua for children protection in English

Dua for children protection in English


You should read this Dua after every prayer so that our children stay away from evil and always focus on goodness, keep your children away from evil assembly whether it is assembly of people or evil assembly through social media.

If the parents remain engrossed in evil in the home, the children will also learn the same, so be good yourself and protect the children from the company of evil with your training. You should always pray for the safety of the children, surely Allah will help them unseen.

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