Best Dua For Good Character In Islam

Are you looking for Dua For Good Character So lets see this blog” Character plays a very important role in shaping human personality. A person who has a good character is trustworthy in the society. If at any time other means of life are failing a person, then a high character is very useful for a person.

A man is considered successful in the society, whose morals are also excellent and whose character is also of high quality. Who treats people well and never hurts anyone.

Nothing compares to the way you can impress your circle of friends and invitees with your gentleness of speech and lofty character. Whatever rank we reach, if people are not impressed by our character, then we cannot be considered successful yet.

We have to improve our own character and pray to Allah for a good character. So let us Dua for good character.

Dua For Good Character in Arabic

Dua For Good Character in Arabic

Steps To Get Good Character

Good character can be added to our personality if we take some steps in our life:

Good company

Befriend and hang out with people who have the best character so you can adopt the same habits. If you make friends with bad people, you will definitely adopt their bad habits.

A study of the virtues of good character

A person easily adopts such habits which are of great importance. Therefore, you should know the importance and excellence of good character so that the desire to adopt them arises in your heart

Consideration of the evils

You must know about all the vices that cause low character so that you avoid them Degradation of character makes a person humiliated in this world and in the hereafter as well

Acquiring knowledge of good deeds

If you don’t learn about the good deeds that play an important role in building a good character, then you cannot pursue a good character.

Creating respect for humanity in the heart

If you develop respect for humanity in your heart and you don’t consider any human being inferior to you. Instead of seeing the evils of people, try to correct your own evils, then this is a sign of good character.

Abstaining from carnal desires

If you control your personal desires, don’t say bad things to anyone don’t tease anyone, don’t fight with any person, then you have got the wealth of good character.

Prayer for good character

For a believer, prayer is his best weapon. So keep praying to Allah for good character

Answer evil with good

You should make it a habit to respond to a person with good instead of giving evil with evil. With this character of yours, even the enemy will become a friend.

Let go of anger

If you just stop being angry, all the evils will disappear by themselves and people will start coming to you.


We can say with 100% certainty that if you adopt the above and continue to pray with trust in Allah, then people around you will definitely start to be affected by your character. If you want to live a successful life, read on Dua For Success In Everything.

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