Best Dua For Patience In Islam

Are you looking for Best Dua For Patience In Islam” When a person is in trouble, the best way is to pray to Allah and at that time, the Duas can be done in two ways.

  • One of the ways of supplicating is to say, O Allah, save me from this trouble and give me relief from this trial
  • The second way of supplicating is, O Allah, give me patience, that is, to be patient in this trial and be satisfied with the pleasure of Allah

It is permissible to pray in both ways, but patience is very important, so let us recite a Dua that we can recite for success in every difficulty and task.

Dua For Patience In Islam

Dua For Patience In Islam

What is Patience

Patience means to develop tolerance in oneself. Make yourself able to stop within established limits.

The definition of patience in Islam is that a person should not let his personal desires prevail over the intellect, but should stay within the limits established by Islam.

It is very important to have a strong will in patience. If you cannot do something under compulsion, it is not called patience. Patience is stopping despite having the power to do evil.

Steps To Develop Patience

Let us tell you some steps you can take to develop patience in your personality:

The virtue of patience

You should get information about patience from Quran and Hadith and know its importance and excellence. After that you will definitely be patient.

Praying for patience

Always pray to Allah for patience. Everything is given by Allah.

Cultivate humility

Develop humility in yourself and forgive someone instead of taking revenge for their pain.

Don’t rush

Get rid of the habit of doing everything in a hurry because being in a hurry makes it very difficult to be patient, develop patience in your personality.

Get in the habit of forgiving

Forgive everyone and bear their pain so that you will be patient and the enemy will be impressed by your kindness.

Look at the afflicted

When you look at the hardships others are facing, you will find your own suffering to be much smaller. And patience will become easier to adopt.


We can say with certainty that if you start being patient, you will not be harmed, but you will be counted among the beloved servants of Allah.

If patience earns the friendship of Allah, then this deal cannot be a loss. Rather, help is received from Allah. You should read the dua of patience after every prayer. If you want to live a successful life, read on Dua For Success In Everything.

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