Best Evil eye Dua in English with Translation

Are you looking for Evil eye Dua in English for the Evil eye protection ” Evil eye is a reality and it is described in detail in Islam with the words “Al-Ain”, if someone is jealous of your personality then you can be a target of his evil eye. There are also negative effects of the evil eye.

That is why in the Islamic Shari’ah, prayers have been described to prevent it. You can protect yourself from the negative effects of the evil eye by reciting these prayers.

Are you affected by this evil eye act or any of your family member’s face this problem and you want to cure it permanently.

Then read the following dua and pray to Allah, you will get well soon. You can read this dua in Arabic.

Powerful Dua for the Evil Eye Protection

Powerful Dua for the Evil Eye Protection from Qur’an

Recite this dua 11 times to be safe from evil eye.

Evil eye Dua in English for Babies

Evil eye Dua in English for Babies

Dua for evil eye and jealousy

You can also use Ruqyah to ward off the evil eye: Ruqyah refers to some special verses of the Qur’an. By reading them, you can be protected from illness.

If you are suffering from the evil eye or someone has cast black magic on you, then you must use the special verses of Ruqyah. Should, You will read these verses in a certain way and in the order we are telling you now.

First you read Surah Fatiha and then recite Surah Falaq and then Surah Nas and lastly Ayatul-Kursi.

If you yourself have suffered from the evil eye, read these verses and blow on yourself. If a person cannot recite these verses, then another person can repeat the process.

You can blow the water after reciting these verses so that the affected person continues to drink from it.


May Allah protect us all from its negative effects, and let us not be a source of evil eye for anyone, we should not be jealous of anyone but should work hard ourselves.

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