Best Modern Muslim Dress Code for Male and Female

Islam is a natural and polite religion. The followers of Islam always follow their lifestyle according to nature. One of these is the Muslim dress which is worn by Muslims in every region of the world according to moral values ​​and it is also the uniqueness of Muslims.

A lot of men and women have seen a trend towards Muslim clothing in European countries including America. Muslim women are also using it as a fashion item due to which its popularity is increasing. In this modern era, you can buy kaftan, abaya, jubbah, hijab, burqa and other men’s clothing online at home.

Let us tell you briefly about the Muslim dress so that you can choose the dress according to the Islamic teachings.

Best Modern Muslim Dress Code

What is Muslim Dress?

Any clothing that hides the private part, adorns it and protects it from the effects of weather is in accordance with the Islamic Shari’ah.

Islam has not given the name of any particular uniform as Muslim dress, but has introduced the above principles, any dress that fulfills them will be called Islamic Muslim dress.

It should be remembered that the parts that are obligatory to cover are the body from the navel to the knees for men and the entire body is obligatory for women except the face, palms and feet.

If a Muslim man or woman wears a garment that does not hide the essential parts of the body, or is so thin that the body is exposed or is so tight that it exposes the body parts.

Or if it is not protecting against weather effects i.e. heat and cold, then it is not permissible to wear this garment.

Muslim Dress for women

Muslim women should always keep in mind the values ​​of Islam and their society in choosing clothes. It requires more caution for women than men, every woman wants to follow the modern fashion, and so many companies today have made women’s Muslim clothing fashionable.

Now women they should prefer a dress that is fashionable as well as in accordance with Islamic values. Clothing under the guise of fashion should not be used as a source of indecency.

Types of Muslim Dress for ladies


Hijab has gained a lot of popularity among Muslim women. It is a square or rectangular piece of cloth that a woman covers over her head and around her face.

Muslim Dress for women

It is also carried with great style which enhances the beauty of a woman’s face.


The use of abaya is also becoming quite popular among Muslim women; it is another cloak on top of their home clothes.

Muslim Dress for women

Usually its color is black but now it is being offered in different colors and fashions. Which is causing women to be very attracted to him.


Muslim women as well as non-Muslim women are very much preferring kaftan, because it is a free style of dress and kaftan has been made very fashionable.

Muslim Dress for women

The number of women attracted by this dress increases a lot. This dress is worn over the house wear. While some modern women are using it as home wear.


Burqa is a garment that is very characteristic of Islamic clothing, it covers the whole body of a woman. Her head to toe is covered in Burqa.

Muslim Dress for women

Women who are very religious always prefer burqa. Because due to this, their veil is complete and the risk of immorality is eliminated.

Muslim Dress for men

A Muslim man should prefer white in his clothes because the Prophet said: You should wear white clothes, because they are more pure and look clean. Apart from white color, Prophet Muhammad also used green, red and black colors in his clothes.

Muslim Dress for men

Apart from this, there is no prohibition to use any other color. Therefore, a Muslim can wear any color that suits his personality, but white color is the best Muslim dress.

Muslim silk dress

It is forbidden for men to wear silk and gold, because it is strictly prohibited. The Holy Prophet said: A believing man should not use it in this world, all this will be given to him in the Hereafter.

It is permissible to wear silk because of itching; similarly it is permissible for a patient to wear a silk cloth. The Holy Prophet allowed Hazrat Abd al-Rahman bin Awf and Hazrat Zubair (RA) to wear silk during their journey, because both of them were suffering from scabies.

Therefore, if there is a Shariah excuse, it is permissible to wear silk, otherwise it is forbidden.

How to wear Muslim dress

Muslim clothing can be different according to the culture of each region, if the conditions we have described above are fulfilled, and then you can wear your regional clothing, such as Arabic jubbah, shalwar kameez, abaya, kaftans, pant shirt, etc.

We should always prefer clothes that cover the essential parts of our body and do not cause indecency, so if you wear a pant shirt that meets all the conditions, it is permissible. But if wearing an abaya and that If it is too tight and the body is visible, then such an abaya will also be illegal.

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