Dua for Anxiety and Depression in Arabic and English

If you looking Dua for Anxiety and depression. So we promise you that we will tell you the best dua by reading which you will surely protect yourself from this Anxiety and depression.

You must agree with us that Problems reach every human being in one form or another, because they do not differentiate between rich and poor.

Even if you are virtuous, you will face problems, it may be a test for you. Even if you live in any region of the world, you cannot get freedom from Anxiety and Depression.

But it may happen that some people have fewer problems and some people are affected by it more. And it is also possible for a person to win by bravely confronting more Anxiety, and the one who has less problems cannot bear it and loses.

Explanation of Anxiety and Depression

There are two types of problems that can affect a person:

  1. Psychological and spiritual
  2. Physical

We are going to tell you about psychological and spiritual problems in this article because these are the problems people are suffering from.

We have briefly described them in terms of grades. And at the same time we are saying prayers/ Duas to get rid of them.

Dua for Anxiety

If a person is disturbed by thinking about ordinary and extraordinary things, then it is called ‘ Anxiety.

In this condition, even small problems seem very big to a person. That is why a person becomes very weak due to lack of endurance in these situations.

If you have also suffered from the same condition, then we are telling you a dua, by reading this dua, you can get rid of this Anxiety.

Dua for Anxiety

Dua for Depression

If a person has this fear on himself, that something hidden and unknown is going to control him, then this condition is called Depression.

A person who suffers from this disease keeps himself restless all the time. He is afraid all the time۔ one of the reasons for suffering from this condition may be that the person himself has made many mistakes and mistakes.

If you are suffering from this psychological problem, you can get rid of this Depression by reading the following dua.

Dua for Depression

Dua for Sadness

If an accident happens to a person suddenly, which makes his life sad, then this condition is called sadness.

The reasons for this can be numerous, such as the death of a loved one, or the loss of a business. In this situation, we should recite the Qur’an as much as possible so that Allah gives peace to our hearts.

Dua for Sadness

Principles of Relieving Anxiety and Depression

To get rid of these psychological and spiritual problems we should do the following:

  • We should believe that the trials that man faces in life come from Allah. He can remove them.
  • We have to be virtuous in our life and stay away from evil. In this way, problems will disappear from our life, and ease will begin to come.
  • Whenever we commit a mistake or sin at some point in our life, we should immediately seek forgiveness from Allah. So that our life is safe from worries and sorrows.
  • We should remember Allah as much as possible.
  • Try to recite the Holy Quran more.
  • A person who does good deeds is also saved from suffering.
  • You should believe that Allah is lessening your sins by causing you trials.
  • A person who reduces desires from his life becomes so peaceful.
  • If you want to be at peace, always pray to Allah.


If you try to pay the rights of Allah and continue to pay the rights of the servants, then we promise that peace will come in your life.

This is the observation of our life and many scholars also have the same opinion, we hope that after reading this article you will have a peaceful state.

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