Dua for dead person In Islam with Explanation

Are you looking for Dua for dead person In Islam” Everybody in life strives for their own benefit, for their own well and for their livelihood, some of them are the ones who make both religion and the world better these are the ones whom Allah has blessed with Prosperity in two worlds.

While there are some people who run for the world but forget the Hereafter. Death does not take permission from anyone except the prophets. Because the status of the prophets is exalted in the sight of Allah Almighty, death seeks permission from every prophet.

In this article we have given a brief overview of the memory of death we hope you’ll read it in its entirety, it will surely change our lives.

What to say Dua when someone dies in Islam

Death is bound to come, there is no way out of it, and no one can describe the agony of death. Because the soul is drawn by the veins, the muscles and the limbs of the flesh, no matter how severe the general pain, it is less than the pain of death.

It is part of Muslim culture that Whenever a Muslim dies, prayers are offered for his death Just as that prayer is for the dying, so the reader is testifying that he too must one day pass away. Let us share with you a prayer that is usually recited; there are many other prayers that are usually recited.

Dua for dead person In Islam

Important Islamic Stories about death

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq 

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) said in his sermon: Where are the beautiful faces who used to be proud of their young life? Where are the kings who built cities and fortified them with walls?

Where are the victors, the victors in wars whose footsteps kissed? Time has erased their name and mark. Now they are in the deepest darkness of the graves. Sorry! Sorry! Salvation! Salvation!

Hazrat Abo Bakar said: Many people risked their lives for others while forgetting their caste. I forbid you to be like them. Warning! Warning! Salvation! Salvation! Death is in pursuit of you, which is fast approaching. “

Hazrat Umar (RA)

Once Hazrat Umar (RA) in a place in the valley of Batha paved the soil with his hands, and then spread a part of his chador on it that lay down, then raised both his hands towards the sky and began to pray:

O Allah! I am old, my nerves are weak, my subjects are scattered. So call me to you so that I do not get lost and do not abuse.

Hazrat Uthman

When Hazrat Uthman (RA) would have passed through the graveyard, he would have cried so much that his beard would have been wet with tears.

Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib

Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib said: O people! The world has turned its back and the Hereafter is eager to come. Everyone has their own son. O peoples! Be the people of the Hereafter instead of the people of this world, because today there is action and there is no reckoning and tomorrow there will be reckoning, there will be no action.

Hazrat Ali Al-Murtada said: There is good news for those who remember the Hereafter, those who work for reckoning, those who live on meager means and those who are pleased with Allah.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood

Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood  said: I am angry with a person whom I see as completely free, who is engaged in the work of this world.

Hazrat Ibn Masood said: Standing between Paradise and Hell, if I am given the option to choose either of these things or to become dust, then I would like to become dust.

Hazrat Ibn Masood said: He who intends the world is harmed by the Hereafter and he who intends the Hereafter is harmed by the world.

Hazrat Abu Darda

Hazrat Abu Darda ‘ said: If you see what you will see after death, you should never eat with lust, nor drink with lust, nor enter any house in which you are exposed to the sun.

And you would surely be greedy for dust, beating your breasts and weeping for yourself. I wish I was a tree that would be cut down and then eaten.

Hazrat Hassan Basri

Hazrat Hassan Basri said: The believer does not eat well and is always ready to die.

Hazrat Saeed bin Jubair

Hazrat Saeed bin Jubair said: If the remembrance of death separates from my heart, then I fear that my heart will become a victim of corruption.

Hazrat Abu Saeed Al-Khazaz

Hazrat Abu Saeed Al-Khazaz said: I was in Makkah. One day I passed by Bab Bani Sheba and saw a beautiful young man dead. I looked at his face and he smiled and said to me:

O Abu Saeed! Do you not know that the friends of Allah live even though they are dead? They just move from one house to another.

Hazrat Harith

Hazrat Harith said: The best people are those whom their Hereafter does not neglect from this world and their world does not make them neglect their Hereafter.

Hazrat Hatim Al-Asim

Hazrat Hatim Al-Asim said: There is no morning in which Satan does not ask me what you will eat. So what will you wear and where will you stay? I tell him that I will eat death, wear a shroud and live in the grave.

Hazrat Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Talib

When the time came for the death of Hazrat Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, he wept. Someone asked you: Why are you crying? He said: I am going to the presence of a master whom I have never seen. We must live our lives in such a way that people remember us after our death.

He has good feelings for us, we continue to receive good wishes.

Let us do the work for which we are always rewarded After death, people pray for the bad ones, but for the good ones, prayers will be offered. We must not only remember people after we die, but the living must also be part of our good behavior

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