Fa inna ma al usri yusra Inna ma al usri yusra Meaning in English

Lets see Fa inna ma al usri yusra Inna ma al usri yusra Ayat with meaning” There are many instances in human life in which a person forgets his senses and flows into a sea of ​​emotions.

Man’s emotions cover his intellect and understanding, which causes him to burn in the fire of rage, and he wants to destroy the one on whom this rage is coming.


Since Islam is a complete code of conduct, it has guided man, forbidding him to make decisions based on his emotions and encouraging him to control his mind and think carefully, which is what the Qur’an calls patience. Man is told that when a difficult time befalls him, he must be patient, for after that difficulty there will be ease Because Allaah says in Quran Inna ma al usri yusra.

Man should keep himself under control in difficult situations, in spite of worries, instead of worrying, he should keep on praying to Allah that the strength of patience should be maintained in these situations. then surely one day it will happen Difficulties will turn into ease, his condition will get better.

Fa Inna ma al usri yusra Meaning

Inna ma al usri yusra Meaning

These are the two verses fa innama al usri yusra inna mal usri yusra that are present in Surah Al-Alam Nashrah in the Holy Quran.

In these verses man is instructed to face difficulties with patience and endurance. In its explanation we are making a very important statement, you must read it carefully.

Fa inna ma al usri yusra Quotes

Patience means working with endurance. To restrain and restrain oneself from something. The meaning of patience in the term Shari’ah is that the desires of the flesh should not be allowed to prevail over the intellect and the limits of Shari’ah should not be exceeded. Patience requires determination and maturity

Not being able to do anything in a state of helplessness, compulsion and helplessness and enduring any hardship and suffering by stopping is not patience at all, but patience is maintained with perseverance and steadfastness. Maintaining this attribute is patience.

Hazrat Mu’adh bin Anas that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever is able to vent his anger and take revenge and yet he suppresses and controls his anger, Allah said before the creatures on the Day of Qayamat and will give him the authority to choose one of the maidens of Paradise. Take it

Inna ma al usri yusra Ayat Importance

Intolerance and impatience destroys the forces of belief and contentment. That is why people are committing heinous crimes. People do not shy away from killing each other over trivial matters. Many people even end their lives because of intolerance

Tolerance and perseverance breed new hopes. It is the power of hope and belief that changes the destiny of human society. Tolerance opens up new avenues for social development and tolerance. At present, society needs patience and endurance the most. Patience is the guarantee of our peace and social progress

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) never resorted to vengeance despite all his strength. The Quraysh insulted you, threatened to kill you, spread thorns in the path, put impurity on your body, and committed a thousand insults in your honor.

But there is no precedent for you to act out of anger and rage. If you wished, thousands of swords could have been drawn in one gesture, which would have been enough to finish the work of those who insulted and disrespected you. He would try to calm the feelings of the Companions and teach them a lesson of patience, humility and forbearance.

The virtue of Patience over Hardship

When Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) proclaimed his Prophet hood, the whole environment of Makkah became a stranger to you, the people among whom you spent your childhood and your youth, who were great admirers and lovers of your trustworthiness and truthfulness.

Your opponents and mortals became enemies, your relatives and family members with whom you had high hopes, you also did not get any support from them, they also became ignorant and unfamiliar

Go out of the house alone for the message of Tawheed But it was not long before the situation changed, the unfavorable winds became favorable, the hearts of the enemies melted away and then they became so mad at the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) that there is no precedent in the history of mankind.

Who does not remember the incident of Taif? Fed up with the people of Makkah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) traveled to Taif with great desire and aspiration that the people there might agree.

But they went four steps further, not content with insults and ridicule. On the contrary, so many stones were rained down by the thugs that the blessed footsteps got soaked with blood.

When you sat down tired, you would be forcibly picked up and then rained down stones, angels of torment were sent down. But the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) replied: If these people do not accept the faith, then I hope that their descendants will be associated with Islam. Can the world set an example of this patience?


The whole life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is full of patience and forbearance, he never used his emotions Therefore, it is necessary to work patiently in all spheres of life.

The master should forgive his employee’s faults and slips and if the master ever gets angry temporarily, then the employee should also bear it, father with his son And the son should treat his father kindly

Anger is natural in a couple. But let’s try to make life happier by taking it from mutual patience. Patience and endurance are the basic elements for a peaceful and successful life.

If a person looks at his life from the beginning to the end, he will know that wherever there are difficulties in it, the next moment is also comfortable for him. Surely there will never be a man in this world who has only faced difficulties in life, and he has never felt at peace.

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