La Ilaha Illallah Meaning in English with Importance

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Happiness, joy, pleasure and happy moments are only in knowing Allah, believing Him as One and believing in Him.

The best and most beloved speech is the one in which there is praise and praise for Him, and the best praise of Allah is the word Tawheed: La ilaha illa Allah.

The Messengers warned their nations through La ilaha illa Allah Through this word, Allah Ta’ala testified about Himself and made the best of His creations witness to it The basis of all laws is this word, and all religion is based on the rights of La ilaha illallah, the reward is based on it, and the punishment will be for abandoning this word or reducing its rights.

La Ilaha Illallah Meaning in English

This sentence contains both negation and affirmation. In it “La ilaha” is negation while “illallah” is affirmation. So this word negates the deity of anyone other than Allah, while affirming the deity of Allah.

Therefore, worshiping any human, jinn, angel, etc. besides Allah is invalid, because the true deity is only Allah.

La Ilaha Illallah Meaning in English

It is the first member and foundation of Islam, this word is the foundation of all the members of Islam, this word is the member of faith in Allah Almighty and the biggest part of faith in Allah; That is why faith cannot be right without the word.

This word Tawheed is the key to Islam and Paradise, based on this people are unfortunate and fortunate, popular and insulted, this word differentiates between disbelief and Islam.

Virtues and Importance of “La Ilaha illallah”

La Ilaha illallah

  • Those who have the power of speech cannot say anything better than La ilaha illa Allah
  • This is the strong chain, the one who holds it will be saved
  • Height is the distinguishing feature of this word and survival is its characteristic
  • La ilaha illa Allah is the greatest blessing for the creatures
  • This word is better than the world
  • La ilaha illa Allah is the first obligation in terms of knowledge and practice
  • La ilaha illa Allah is the cause of protection of property and life
  • The word Tawheed is the same for all creatures, on it unity and agreement is possible, and without it groupings and differences arise.
  • He who recites this word with a sincere heart is successful
  • The verse which mentions ” La ilaha illa Allah ” is the best verse of the Holy Quran
  • La ilaha ila Allah is also present in the words of Sayyid al-Istighfar.
  • This word is a great charity without spending money
  • By the order of Allah Ta’ala, the register of sins will become lighter than the word of Tawheed
  • The words of this word are also in the beginning and end of the call to prayer

The eight gates of Paradise will be opened for the one who says La ilaha illa Allah, he can enter from wherever he wants, but whoever recites the word with a sincere heart and acts accordingly, then the fire will not touch him.

Whoever says this, Allah will definitely take him out of hell, even if he has an iota of faith in his heart The progress and decline of Muslims is based on verbal and practical attachment to this word. This word is the standard with Allah.

Conditions of “La ilaha illallah”

  • Knowledge: Know the meaning of this word, which is contrary to ignorance.
  • Belief: Have faith in the word ‘in which there is no doubt’. That is, have a firm belief in the true deity of Allah
  • Sincerely: That is, the servant should do all his worship purely for the sake of Allah
  • Affirm: That is, the word he is speaking with his tongue, he is truthful in it. His tongue is his heart and his heart is in accordance with his tongue.
  • Love: That is, along with reciting the word, he should also love Allah Ta’ala
  • Inqiyad: That is, a person should surrender to this word
  • Acceptance: means to accept the requirements of the word with heart and mind
  • Denial of non-Allah

If a person has these conditions, then he is a Muslim, and if someone does not have these conditions, then he is a non-Muslim.

Imam Hasan al-Basri was asked that people say that the one who recites La ilaha illa Allah will surely enter Paradise. So they replied that yes, but whoever fulfilled its conditions and requirements.

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