Muslim Head Covering Male with Taqiyah and Turbans

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Covering the head is not only required in Islam. You may see people around you or you keep seeing pictures on social media in which people belonging to different religions also cover their heads with a cap or some cloth.

You must have seen at least religious leaders of different religions wearing different designs of caps and turbans on their heads.

Anyone who wears a hat does not necessarily want to appear religious. He may cover his head as an employee in a business, or the weather conditions of the place where he lives force him to cover his head.

If you look at it from a religious point of view, head covering can be done for various reasons.

  • You cover your head with a cap or a turban to perform your religious rituals.
  • You consider it necessary to do this in the special rituals of your religion.
  • If you wear a particular type of hat or turban, it may also be to show your affiliation with a particular religious group.
  • Nowadays, covering the head has also become a national identity Like the Jinnah cap in Pakistan.

So let’s know more important information about this:

Muslim Head Covering Male Crossword Clue Explanation

If you want to know how to cover the head in Islam, then the short story is that there are two types of head covering in Islam, men cover their heads in different ways and this practice is also known as Taqiyah.

women cover their heads in a different style known as Hijab.

Because Muslims live all over the world, the colors of their regional culture can be seen in their style of Taqiyah and hijab.

  • Taqiyah Cap

Taqiyah Cap

Taqiyah refers to a type of cap worn by Muslim men. It is usually round in shape, but can be arranged round or wide at the top.

It is necessary to keep it on the head during worship, because there is proof of doing so from the Prophet and the Companions of the Prophet

Therefore, special arrangements are made for it in mosques so that every Muslim can use it in the mosque.

While in Islam there are some acts of worship in which it is necessary not to take Taqiyah on one’s head, such as during Umrah and Hajj.

  • Hijab scarves for women

Hijab scarves for women

Hijab refers to Muslim women covering their heads, doing so is also part of their veil because in the Holy Qur’an, Muslim women are required by Allah to cover their bodies.

It is necessary for a woman to cover her entire body except for her face, hands and feet.

Muslim women cover their heads in three ways:

  1. some women wear a burqa, and then the head is covered along with the burqa.
  2. While some women wear an abaya and a hijab is taken separately with the abaya.
  3. some women who She does not wear burqa and abaya and wears a separate hijab along with her normal clothes or covers her head with a dupatta.

Knitted kippah

Knitted kippah

Hats are also used in other religions of the world to cover the head. For example, those who follow Judaism wear a special hat called a kippah. This cap is smaller than the cap used by Muslims, it covers the top of the head.

In Judaism, religious adherents wear it strictly, while modern thinkers wear it only on special occasions.

Scholars of Judaism have expressed their own opinions about this. If you are interested in more about this, you can search for information on Kippah.

Bishop zucchetto Christian Hats

Bishop zucchetto Christian Hats

You may be surprised to know that Christianity is a religion whose followers do not wear any particular type of hat.

Nor is it necessary for them to cover their heads, so only religious leaders in Christianity use hats to cover their heads. Which is usually red in color among them it is also called by the following names like zucchetto and biretta.

Turbans for men

Now let us tell you that apart from cap, turban is also used to cover the head, which is mostly found in Islam and Sikh religion.

But in Islam and Sikhism, the turban is also tied in a different way, due to which there is a clear difference between the two religions. As in Islam, a cap and a cloth are used to make the turban and a little cloth on the shoulder is also hung.

Turbans for men

But the followers of Sikh religion make a turban on the head only through cloth and look in a different way.

Turbans for men sikh

Turbans for women

In today’s modern era, where new designs of clothes for women are being introduced day by day, then the same turbans for women have also come in the market and are becoming popular among women as fashion.

Turbans for women


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