Rabbi Zidni ilma Dua In Arabic With English

Let us tell you meaning of Rabbi Zidni Ilma Dua. This prayer has been described in Surah TaHa of the Quran. A person who is in search of knowledge must think that there is a way or a prayer that can help him to increase his knowledge. If you are among them, you can read the Dua for increase in knowledge here.

A person who wants to gain maximum knowledge will have to show patience and self-sacrifice. Therefore, those who acquire knowledge should have the passion to endure hard work and the courage to endure the sufferings and difficulties that come along the way.

Meaning of Rabbi Zidni Ilma in English

Meaning of Rabbi Zidni Ilma in English 

Rabbi Zidni ilma Dua Importance

  • Imam Yusuf says: Knowledge is such a thing that when you devote your whole life to it, then knowledge will give you a part of it. When you get part of it, do not rely on it. Sit down, but try to get more.
  • Today’s education system requires many changes. It needs to be innovated. If our educational curriculum adapts to the modern requirements, then its results will be positive. There are changes in the curriculum according to the current conditions and the revision process continues from time to time.
  • Education should not be too expensive. Open doors of knowledge for every student. In this regard, Aristotle’s example is in front of us that Plato reserved his educational system only for the rich. And Aristotle was kept in his academy only for work, but Aristotle used to listen to Plato’s lecture outside the classroom in his free time.
  • One day, Plato asked each student to give a speech on the importance of knowledge. He was not satisfied with everyone’s speech. At the end, Aristotle gave a speech on which Plato was very surprised and came after everyone’s speech and said that I Transferred his knowledge properly to his students But actually the thing is that I saw the demand for knowledge in the child whom today the world knows by the name of Aristotle.
  • The purpose of acquiring knowledge is not only to prepare for livelihood but also to seek knowledge and become the best member of the society.

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