Ramadan Dua First 10 Days In English With Arabic

Ramadan Dua First 10 Days” The first 10 days of Ramadan are titled “Mercy”. Here you will be able to know the prayer recited in these ten days in English. The 9th month of Islamic calendar “Ramadan” is very important.

In this month, a lot of excitement is created in the Islamic society. And an Islamic atmosphere is visible everywhere. In this month of Ramadan, Muslims worship a lot, and the 30 fasts that Allah has prescribed for Muslims are in this month. In these 30 days, everyone tries to stay away from evil deeds and do as many good deeds as possible so that Allah will be pleased with him.

This month is divided into three parts in Islamic teachings, the ten days are of mercy and the middle ten days are given the title of forgiveness and the last ten days are known as salvation from sins.

So let us tell you what dua to recite in the first ten days of Ramadan and what dua to recite in the other days if you have achieved this month.

Ramadan Dua First 10 Days

Here you can read Ramadan Duas with Arabic, English and Roman English, it will surely help you.

Ramadan Dua First 10 Days

Astaghfirullah Dua Second10 Days

Astaghfirullah Dua Second10 Days

Dua for Laylatul Qadr Third 10 Days

Dua for Laylatul Qadr Third 10 Days

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Ramadan Routine

If the month of Ramadan has come in your life, then try to worship Allah a lot in this Ramadan and get your sins forgiven. Because we may not be blessed with this month of Ramadan again. We have to set our life in a certain way, let us tell you a few things:

  • You should try to recite the above mentioned duas regularly in Ramadan
  • You should behave well with the people around you so that no one gets hurt by your conversation
  • You should know which people in your community are waiting for help and give them financial assistance
  • Make it compulsory to observe the prayer and if you have time, give priority to the post-mortem worship
  • Understand the Holy Quran with translation
  • Try to make a poor person fast with you
  • Avoid excessive conversation and keep mentioning Allah
  • Try to use your social media to a minimum and listen to Islamic teachings on your mobile
  • During the nights of Ramadan, go to the mosque and pray Taraweeh
  • If there is no compulsion, do I’tikaaf in the last ten days

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