React Fullstory of Prophet Yusuf in English

The React Fullstory of prophet Yusuf has been given the honor of “Ahsan al-Qasas” i.e. the best of all stories by Allah. Because there are many wisdoms and important things in this story that are related to the moments of joy and sorrow, trial and success in the life of Hazrat Yusuf.

There is certainly a lot to learn from this story, so let’s summarize it briefly. First of all you should know that Hazrat Yusuf’s father Hazrat Ya’qub had twelve sons whose names are as follows:

Prophet Yusuf Brothers Name in Arabic

  1. yahudah
  2. Rubeel
  3. Shameon
  4. Lavi
  5. Zabulun
  6. Yajer
  7. Dan
  8. Fatai
  9. Jad
  10. Aser
  11. Yusuf
  12. Benjamin

Among all the brothers, Hazrat Yusuf and prophet Yusuf younger brother name Hazrat Binyamin were brothers from the same mother and father. While the mothers of the remaining ten brothers were different.

Hazrat Ya’qub was the prophet of Allah and the next prophet among his sons was Hazrat Yusuf, therefore Hazrat Yusuf was the closest and beloved son of his father.

React Fullstory of Prophet Yusuf Dream

Hazrat Yusuf saw a dream in the seventh year of his age, that eleven stars, the moon and the sun were prostrating before him. After hearing this dream, your father Hazrat Ya’qub ordered not to share this dream with any of your brothers, because your brothers should not harm you due to jealousy.

When your other ten brothers realized that our father loved Hazrat Yusuf more than us. So they thought of a plan to leave Hazrat Yusuf out of the house in a forest, in this way we will also be close to our father.

Prophet Yusuf being thrown into a well

According to the plan, your brothers took permission from Hazrat Ya’qub and took him to the forest on the pretext of a walk, and there he threw himself into a deep and dark well and took off  shirt so that they could go home and make an excuse.

that Yusuf Animals ate him in the forest and blood of the goat was applied to Yusuf’s shirt. Meanwhile, as soon as Hazrat Yusuf started falling into the well, Hazrat Gabriel came and saved him by Allah’s order.

As soon as Hazrat Yusuf’s brothers went home, they began to cry. And said, “A wolf came and ate our brother Yusuf. We were playing far away in the forest at that time.”

When Hazrat Yaqub saw the shirt on which the brothers had slaughtered a goat and put blood on it, he understood that if the wolf had eaten it, the shirt should have been torn, while the shirt was all right. He understood the trick of his sons. Of course, the sons themselves left Yusuf somewhere, and held the foot of patience in front of Allah.

This is described in the Qur’an as follows:

Prophet Yusuf being thrown into a well

Prophet Yusuf well story

On the other hand, Hazrat Yusuf had to spend three consecutive days in the same well. Finally, a caravan that was going to Egypt reached here in search of water, and a man named Malik bin Zaar Khzai from this caravan went to get water. Who came to the well. The man hung his bucket down to draw water, then Hazrat Yusuf came out of the well holding the rope of the same bucket.

The man was happy to see such a beautiful child and went to the caravan to tell the good news. Hazrat Yusuf’s brother who used to come every day and guard the well, immediately went and told the caravans.

This boy is our slave who is no longer of any use to us. We sell it to you; you go to a far away country and sell it at high prices. Your brothers sold their brother Yusuf to a man named Malik bin Zaar for 20 dirhams.

Selling Prophet Yusuf in Egypt

He took you with a caravan to Egypt and announced to sell you in the market there, people saw such a handsome boy and started bidding huge sums of money. Everyone wanted to buy a handsome boy like Yusuf.

Finally, the prime minister of King Rayan bin Walled of Egypt, Qatfir al-Misri, who was also the head of the government and treasury of Egypt, and was called “Dear Egypt” by the people.

This ruler bought Hazrat Yusuf and in return paid gold, silver and equal amount of musk equal to the weight of Hazrat Yusuf.

And went to his house and called his wife “Zulekha”. Keep this slave with great honor and honor at that time you were 13 or 17 years old.

Story of Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha

Hazrat Yusuf was very dear to Zulaikha. She became crazy about him. She started trying to make Hazrat Yusuf madly in love with her under some pretext.

That’s why one day she put on make-up and closed all the doors and forced Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) to go into solitude. You refused to do so and ran away and opened the door, Zulaikha also ran back to catch you.

And Zulaikha ran quickly and tried to grab your shirt from behind, so it burst. Coincidentally, Zulekha’s husband Aziz also came to Egypt at the same time and he saw this whole scene.

Zulaikha immediately did her second trick and said to the husband: This slave wanted to commit adultery with your wife, punish him and send him to jail.

Hazrat Yusuf immediately confessed his innocence and said that Zulaikha was a liar, it was itself forcing me to go towards evil: Zulekha’s husband said, “How can I believe who is true and who is a liar?”

He said: Take the testimony of the incident from the little child who is in the crib in the same house. Aziz Misr said: How can a 4 month old baby testify about this? When he asked the child, the child’s answer is described in the Qur’an as follows:

Story of Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha

At the request of the child, when Yusuf’s shirt was seen, it was torn from the back, then Aziz Misr said, “Surely Zulaikha is a liar and women are deceitful.”

Cutting the fingers of Egyptian women

It spread like fire among Egyptian women that Zulekha has gone crazy in love with her own slave. Now she wants to commit adultery with this slave. When Zulekha came to know about this, she invited all the women to a feast. And once passed Yusuf in front of them. All the women lost their senses after seeing the beauty of Yusuf.

Instead of cutting the fruits on the table, all the women ran knives on their fingers. Now those women were also crazy about Yusuf. Seeing this situation, it was decided to lock Yusuf in jail so that no other incident happens.

You stayed in the jail for seven or twelve years. All the inmates were impressed by your good manners and your character.

A dream of two prisoners in prison

It was a strange coincidence that on the day you were sent to jail, two servants were also imprisoned on the charge of poisoning the King’s food.

These two prisoners had a dream in the prison, they came to ask Hazrat Yusuf for the interpretation of the dream, so the interpretation of the dream he told them later came true.

The first prisoner dreamed that he was making wine. Hazrat Yusuf explained that you will get freedom from this prison and you will become a servant of the king and then serve him wine.

Another prisoner dreamed that birds were eating the bread on his head. Hazrat Yusuf explained. He will be hanged on the gallows as punishment.

As you said, one was freed and the other was sentenced to death, after which you became known as the Interpreter in prison.

The dream of King Rayan bin Waleed of Egypt

At the same time, the king of Egypt, Rayan bin Waleed, also saw a dream, which is described in the Holy Qur’an as follows:

The dream of King Rayan bin Waleed of Egypt

The king tried hard to find out the interpretation of the dream, but no one could tell the interpretation of the dream. At that time, the prisoner who had been released remembered Yusuf, so he asked the king to let me go to prison. I will tell you the interpretation of your dream.

Hazrat Yusuf heard the dream and said:

There will be seven years of continuous famine in Egypt. Therefore, work in agriculture for seven continuous years and collect a large amount of grain. During these seven years of famine, people will eat the stored grain of the first seven years. After that, the year of greenery will come again.

After hearing the interpretation of the dream, the king ordered that Yusuf be freed from prison and brought to me. But Hazrat Yusuf made a condition that my innocence should be proved first. When the king investigated, Zulaikha confessed that it was I who forced Yusuf to commit adultery.

After that he was brought to the palace and the king talked to him further about the dream, then Hazrat Yusuf said that you should appoint me to manage the treasury of the land and manage the security system. I will take over the whole system. And thus you were made the ruler of Egypt.

According to the plan, Hazrat Yusuf worked hard for seven years on agriculture in Egypt and piles of grain were accumulated. And when seven years of famine came on the land of Egypt, he took over the complete food system in all of Egypt and from Canaan Hazrat Yusuf’s brothers also came to him to take grain, he immediately recognized his brothers but his brothers did not recognize him.

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