What is the Hijab in islam and Religious Veils with Kinds of Abaya

Are you looking for What is the Hijab in islam” So Lets see this article> According to the Qur’an and Hadith, the definition of clothing and the kind of clothing that has been commanded to be adorned is such a decent, beautiful, spacious and open dress by which a person can be covered.

In Islam, a woman’s whole body from head to toe (except face, hands and feet) is satar.

Which is obligatory to cover. So wear clothes that are polite and spacious. Which is neither thin enough to make the body visible nor so narrow as to make the structure of the limbs clear.

The purpose of clothing is to keep the human organs out of sight, and it is not just for women but for both men and women.

What is the Hijab in islam and Religious Veils

Hijab Meaning

What is Hijab with Hijab Meaning

Since there is no custom in Islam as to what kind of clothes to wear? However, the shape, form and features of the dress were said to be wide, open and covering the satar.

Now whether one wears jeans, trousers or shalwar to cover one’s satar or pajamas etc. The purpose is to cover satar.

But the condition is that the garment should be open, not tight, so that the structure of the body parts is clear. The shirt on the jeans and pants should be long enough to cover the satar well.

Tight clothing, whether it is jeans, trousers or anything else that is not intended, is haraam, and it is not permissible to wear it.

Religious Veils

What is Hijab and Religious Veil

In the present age, wearing very tight clothing and not covering the head completely, not having a chador on the chest is tantamount to directly inviting sin and attracting Satan.

The veil is a guarantee of complete protection and complete success for women in every age. It is obligatory for a woman to cover her head and face in a chador.

In today’s modern age, there is no problem in wearing many types of veil such as burqa, scarf, socks, gloves and other clothes because in all these cases only the convenience of the woman has been taken into consideration.

What is the purpose of a Hijab

In Islamic society, women are also getting education behind the scenes, doing business and serving the nation in an efficient manner.

Muslim women pilot doctors, engineers and all walks of life are playing their role safely. That is the beauty of Islamic society. To be outside the veil of a woman is to incline both men and women towards sin.

Which not only violates the sanctity of relationships but also leads to social misery. The veil of a woman has been given so much importance that it is forbidden for her to worship without veil and in a place without veil.

Women Wear Tight and Half-Sleeved Clothing

Women Wear Tight and Half-Sleeved Clothing

It is obligatory to cover the veil of women everywhere, whether it is for in women or  in men. Therefore, the dress which is not permissible in ordinary days is not permissible even on the occasion of marriage. Thin and tight clothing in which the limbs are clear is not permissible.

The purpose is to cover the body. If the body remains naked even after wearing it, then such clothing is not permissible. This not only diminishes a woman’s dignity but also her dignity. Don’t know why some women want to make themselves so cheap? Islam raises the dignity of women.

It is beyond my comprehension why a woman who is blindly imitating the West even after becoming a Muslim does not think that she is looking at the slaves of her honor market. Why does she want to humiliate herself so much? Does he not know his worth?

Has that feeling of inferiority gone away? Therefore, Islam wants to see a woman free and dignified, therefore only a veiled woman can live a dignified life and the effect of the outward must be on the inward as well.

What Kind of Abaya is Correct to Wear?

What Kind of Abaya is Correct to Wear?

A woman’s face, hands and feet up to the ankles must be covered. Now there is no specific dress code for how to hide it. Because Islam is a universal religion.

Therefore, there is no restriction that it is necessary to wear such and such fabric and such and such design as the needs of each person may be different due to the area, customs and heat and cold.

People in Pakistan, India and the United States cannot wear the same clothes, but Islam says that clothing should be such that it is veiled, protects from heat and cold and makes the wearer look beautiful, there is no other restriction.

Therefore, it is right to wear clothes that are veiled, protected from heat and cold and look beautiful when worn. The same rule applies to men and women. There are no special designs or restrictions on clothing except for men wearing silk.

To What Extent is Make-Up Permissible?

To What Extent is Make-Up Permissible?

Woman’s make-up is all for husband only. This woman will suffer the torment of Hell. The house that does not change its clothes to show off to the husband, walks around with the same old fair-skinned clothes that I am busy in the kitchen and when it comes time to go out, whether it is wedding, shopping, going to someone’s house or any cultural function.

Then they wash and wash, put on nice clothes, apply perfume and make up in a way that smells even from a distance.

Who is she beautifying now? Whose heart was to be pleased, Whose love was to be drawn, Adorn and adorn, adorn, dress, fashion, everything is permissible for a woman, but for her husband at home.

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