Best Mothers Day Quotes in Islam in English

Lets see Mothers Day Quotes in Islam” Mother is the name of the entity that hides all the sorrows and troubles of life in her womb. She has spent her life in her children’s happiness, and this ritual will continue as long as this world lasts forever.

Thus, every human being in the world, no matter what language he speaks orligiontherhood he has, is valuable to everyone. The mother is a puppet of fidelity, which is alive for its children. By the way, the world has set a special day for mothers.

Mother is the most beautiful gift from God in the world. Mother is a flower that will continue to permeate the entire universe till the end of time. That is why it is said that the very existence of the mother is a source of comfort, peace and tranquility, kindness and love, patience and contentment and sincerity and fidelity.

Emotional Islamic Quotes on Parents

Emotional Islamic Quotes on Parents

Islam has given special importance to the payment of the mother’s rights and has also given the example of the mother’s love to explain Allah’s love for the servant that he loves the servant seventy times more than the mother.

Heaven is under the feet of the mother, which means that all the acts of worship together cannot be equal to the mother’s service. Therefore, we should always be diligent in paying this right till death. This will end the depravity and unrest in our lives.

A man came to Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) service and begged. Who is the person I would better associate with? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Your mom.

Explanation of the word Mother

Other words for mom are Amma, Ammi, Mom, Mama, Mother, etc., which show that the word mother is a very similar word in many languages ​​of the world, and when the child breaks the boundaries of crying and running sounds of a certain type. He can make sounds and speak, so he usually makes simple sounds like um um / ma ma/mum mum/mama mama (pa pa), etc.

The mother is called Umm in Arabic. Umm has been mentioned 84 times in the Quran. Its plural is what. This word appears eleven times in the Quran،Umm means the origin of something; since the existence of children comes from the mother, so the mother is the origin of the children.

Just as the Qur’an is called Umm Al-Kitab because it is the source of all knowledge, Makkah is called Umm Al-Qura because it is the centre of the Arab region.

Mothers Day in Islam Quotes

Mothers Day in Islam Quotes

Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar When he saw a man in the Haram, he knew him from the people of Yemen, and He was his mother’s helper and reciting this poem: I am a camel to ride for it, I am not afraid when the riders are scared. He says: O Abdullah bin Omar, do you see that I can give my mother’s due?

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar said: No, my dear friend, what a misunderstanding you are having. Your mother kept you in her womb for about nine months and kept sighing step by step. Not even a sigh has been paid yet.

It is clear from this hadith that no matter how hard a person tries, he cannot pay his dues to his parents even if he spends his whole life in their service.

Hadith about Mother Islamic Quotes

It is narrated from Hazrat Abo Horaira that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said:

  • His nose should be dusty.
  • His nose should be dusty.
  • His nose should be dusty (i.e. humiliated and disgraced).

Someone said: who is that? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)said that whoever found his parents in his life did not serve them and could not enter Paradise.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that serving one’s parents is better than jihad. In Sahih Bukhari, it is narrated from Hazrat Abdollah ebn Omar (RA) that a man came to Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) service to seek Order to join the war. You said, “Are your parents alive?” “Yes, they are alive, he said, “Go and serve your parents. This is your jihad.

Mothers Day Quotes in Islam

Mothers Day Quotes in Islam

Now we discuss heart-touching quotes about mothers in Islam:

  • Mother is a flower whose fragrance never fades but grows brighter daily.
  • The mother is the tree whose fruit is never bitter.
  • The mother is the flower that never dies, the flower that is always fragrant and radiant.
  • In the world, motherhood is a relationship for which there is no substitute.
  • Mother is a form of God’s love in the world.
  • No one loves children more than a mother.
  • Writing something about the greatness of the mother is like closing the sea in a jar.
  • Motherhood is another name for compassion, sincerity, selfless love and sacrifice.
  • The mother walks on thorns but always puts her children to sleep on the flower bed.
  • The mother is the one who never shows kindness and does not ask for the reward of her love; instead, she is selfless and shows her love to her children.
  • The mother is a prayer that always reaches out to the Merciful Lord and protects the children step by step.
  • A mother is one of the most sincere relationships in the world. Her life revolves around her children.
  • Mother is the most valuable asset and the greatest asset of the universe. His compassion, love, sincerity and loyalty need no introduction.
  • Mother is the great blessing of God Almighty, the first school of intellect and consciousness, the source of sincerity, the garden where tenderness is like the petals of flowers for the children at all times.

In short, the mother is the flower of heaven, without which life is meaningless. Ask those whose mothers passed away in childhood about the value of motherhood. Without a mother, man is like a branch that faces the strong winds of time and the sun’s heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific day in Islam to celebrate Mother’s Day?

No, Islam does not designate a specific day to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, Islam encourages honouring and respecting mothers every day.

What is the significance of mothers in Islam?

Mothers hold a very high status in Islam. The Quran and Hadiths emphasize respecting and caring for mothers, highlighting their pivotal role in the family and society.

Can we celebrate Mother’s Day as Muslims?

While Islam does not have a specific tradition for Mother’s Day, it is permissible to celebrate and honour your mother on this day as long as the celebration does not involve any unIslamic practices.

How can we honour our mothers according to Islamic teachings?

Honouring mothers in Islam can be done through regular expressions of gratitude, helping with daily tasks, and showing respect and kindness in all interactions.

Are there any specific prayers for mothers in Islam?

There are no specific prayers designated solely for mothers, but Muslims can always make dua (supplication) for their mothers’ well-being and ask Allah to grant them Paradise.


May Allah keep all mothers safe and keep their shadow on their children forever. At the same time, it is prayed that the Lord may allow the children to honour and serve their mothers so that through this service, they can enjoy the bliss of Hajj Akbar.

“Mothers Day Quotes in Islam” reflect the deep respect and honour Islam bestows upon mothers. While Mother’s Day itself may not be an Islamic tradition, the values and teachings of Islam encourage Muslims to honour and appreciate their mothers every day. By understanding and embracing these teachings, you can find meaningful ways to celebrate and honour your mother, not just on Mother’s Day but throughout the year.

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