Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in English

Are You Looking For Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in English So lets see this article” In this universe, it is Allah who always listens to the call of His servant. It is in the Quran that Allah has promised that He is the Hearer and Accepter of prayers.

In the Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim, verse 40, there is a mention of a prayer in which a servant asks God to accept my prayer. If you want Allah to accept your dua immediately, recite Durood upon the Prophet before and at the end of the dua.

Now we present this dua to you in an image form so that you can save it and benefit from it yourself and share it further.

Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in English

Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in English


There is no doubt about it that we need Allah’s help at all times and in all places and it is only by His mercy and grace that we achieve success in life. If we do not have this support, we will be among those who fail. Therefore, it is necessary for us to keep asking Allah all the time and never be disappointed with Him.

Sometimes our dua is accepted immediately but sometimes it is delayed for some time due to some wisdom. In this way, some people start complaining to Allah that their dua is not accepted, while the dua of other people is accepted.

It is necessary to understand such people; Allah surely hears and accepts their prayers. But whatever Allah decides is for the good of the servant, so if sometimes the acceptance of prayers is delayed, ask Allah. Do not despair.

Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in urdu

Rabbana WA Taqabbal Dua Meaning in urdu


If you want your dua to be accepted soon, then let us tell you a method, by following which your dua will definitely be accepted. You should pray Isha and go to sleep and when it is time for Tahajjud, get up and pray before Allah.

This is the time when Allah comes very close to the servant and listens to his call. If you take care of Allah’s creation, your prayer will definitely be accepted.

If you help the orphans, then your prayer will be accepted soon, try not to hurt any person, but you’re self will become beneficial for every person. Whatever you want to get, try to share that thing in creation.

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